FPT is an EPC Contractor in field of OiL Gas, and Petrochemical Industries, established to undertake design and engineering solutions, with well-known licensors (if required), in the chain of services provided by the Fateh Group.

FPT engineering expertise includes different disciplines, Process, Piping, Instrument, Civil, Mechanical, Electrical, and Structural Engineering; in addition advanced specialties, including simulation and interactive 30 modeling. FPT Company performs the various stages of the project including engineering, procurement, construction and project management. So according to FPT structure the project life cycle is fulfilled.

• Feasibility Study
• Conceptual Design and Cost Estimating
• Basic Design and Preparing Tender Document for EPC Projects
• Detail Design
• Procurement
• Construction Management
• Pre-Commissioning and Commissioning

FPT's Capabilities

• Conducting Process Studies
• Conducting Pre-FEED and FEED for oil & gas facilities
• Management of Licensed Units Design by Licensors
• Conducting Detailed Engineering Design services
• Conducting Project Management & Consultancy (PMC) Services

FPT's Main Fields of Activities

• MEG Regeneration Units
• MEG Reclamation Units
• Air Separation Units and storage
• Condensate and Crude oil Desalting Units
• Gas Sweetening Units
• Sulfur Recovery Units
• Oily Water Treatment
• Refrigeration Packages

Fateh Process Technologies


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