FSK Maintenance is an independent provider of integrated operation and maintenance services for upstream oil & gas industry. With over 1 O years of experience, FSKMaintenance has accomplished several maintenance projects.

FSK Maintenance Group has been awarded major Iranian Operation & maintenance (O&M) projects such as maintenance and modification of South Pars gas field platforms, O&M of Siri NGL plant, renovation of Lavan gas treatment plant, Siri oil platforms manpower, Salman complex cranes supply and other installation & commissioning projects.

Main Services

• Repair and services of different types of gas and steam turbines, compressors and pumps.
• Repair and modification of S&T heat exchangers & Pressure Vessels and performing different test types on equipment.
• Daily and periodical maintenance and services on electromotor and electrical equipment.
• Daily and periodical maintenance of instrument equipment.
• Daily and periodical maintenance of conveyor.
• Plants overhaul in oil, gas and petrochemical industries.
• Inspection & technical protection.
• Major overhaul of electrical equipment & packages such as lighting system, earthling, LV - MV Panels, Diesel generator etc.
• Services of electro motor packages.
• Overhaul and daily servicing of HVAC systems.
• Design, implementation and maintenance of instrument projects
• Corrosion protection services,
• Welding & NOT services,
• Workshop services including lathing, valve shop, pump shop, instrument, welding, diesel generators overhaul, electrical work shop, sand blasting, painting, etc.

FSK Maintenance